Bad Marketing Quotes and Subsequent Improvements

Until the United States Government begins regulating marketing consultants, there will continue to be poorly marketed websites, poorly marketed products and poorly marketed services (such as marketing services themselves). Below, you will find some common terribly worded marketing phrases and, subsequently better alternatives that lend themselves to client purchasing.

“Buy a Bundle of Our Products and Save”
This phrase or some form of similar wording slapped together, gives the perception that your company is not happy with any amount of smaller business. Also, wording such as this makes the visitor uneasy upon going to the site because nobody wants to feel sold especially right off the bat. Moreover, it makes your product look cheap and makes your company appear desperate for the business. It’s almost like,

“Don’t leave our site, look! We will give you discounts. Learn more! Stay on our site, please. See our prices, soooo cheap.”

This gives the website visitor reason to look around especially if they are the “deal seeker” you are desperately trying to sell with this pitch, not realizing that deal seekers don’t want to spend much money and are less apt to be sold by somebody telling them to buy more products or services than originally intended.

Instead of having this phrase front and center, your company should have a button on your site (large enough so people can see, but not overbearing) that says: “Corporate Packages” or “Product Packages.” Then, once the person clicks on that button, you can make your intentions well known as they are, more likely than not, going to be on the same page and want a discount due to the volume of business they are probably going to ship your way.

“The Best in the Industry!”
This quote is simply cheesy and needs to be taken off your site and any other site. It’s almost like going on a dating site, seeing somebody’s profile without a picture and, instead a caption reading, “I’m really good looking!” It doesn’t make sense and lends the website visitor to potentially think that you are the opposite of what you claim to be.

Instead, give client testimonials. However, when providing testimonials, don’t just put the “big fish” because smaller clients are going to think that’s all whom you cater to. Also, to lend to credibility, put industry related articles on your site and make clear the bios of your executive team. That is what is going to make the visitor think that you are an industry leader. Otherwise, you are just engaging in generic, thoughtless and overall awful marketing.

“Buy Now!”
This phrase just restates the obvious. Of course the website visitor can buy your product now. Does your business withhold your product from being purchased? Unless you have a very unique business model that people don’t know about, I think that this one can be inferred.

Also, the “Buy Now” stint is outplayed and makes your website and products look unoriginal and, similar to the phrases above, it makes you look desperate for the business. “Don’t think, just buy our product,” is an apt translation.