Marketing Companies – Are All Marketing Companies the Same?

Within the UK there are around 20,000 marketing companies, of all shapes and sizes. Ranging from start-up agencies (perhaps an ex marketing manager that has decided to go it alone), to large London based or global marketing firms (that work with large global brands).

So the problem is, how to find the right marketing company for your business.

By using a small agency, you could get a more personalised service, a visit and more peace of mind. However sometimes they lack the experience that larger agencies can offer and also do not have the structures in place (like reporting for example) to provide review opportunities or feedback.

By using a larger agency, you may well be faced with a very large bill and there is not always the ‘hands on’ handling that many companies do provide.

There are a number of factors that need to be considered before deciding what marketing company to work with:

1. The agency has a knowledge and background of your industry sector, product or service.

2. They are local (face to face meetings are always good as it builds relationships and synergy).

3. They have the facilities to support the campaign (whether this is internal or outsourced).

4. They are able to provide value for money.

Marketing has always been difficult to measure, all businesses are looking for value and many are wary of speculating or sowing seeds (as marketing rarely produces instant results) for long term growth. Normally businesses that engage a new marketing agency are in urgent need of help and new business, so rarely have the patience that is needed in starting, growing and developing a marketing campaign.

Using a marketing quotes service is a good option, as this will provide free advise and quotes for comparison, allowing you time to view and compare local marketing companies.

Due to the sheer numbers of agencies around the UK, it makes good sense to use a comparison resource to sort the wheat from the chaff and save a little time to find the best marketing partner.